About Us

The EllaCris Foundation for Women’s Gynecological Cancers was founded by Carol DeLisa and her daughter, April Pansa. Carol was diagnosed with Stage IIIc Ovarian Cancer in April of 2013.  After undergoing surgery and weekly rounds of chemotherapy, Carol graduated” from chemo treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC on September 19, 2013.  While she will continue her maintenance program, there is great reason to celebrate.

A lifelong advocate of healthy living and clean, organic eating, Carol walks the walk.”  Her first-hand knowledge of proper nutrition and an active lifestyle give her the power to empower others.  As Carol endured her surgery and treatment, she began a Facebook Page called   I HATE THE C WORD.

In an effort to not dwell on the negative, she opened a daily journal of her experiences, her fears, and her small, daily triumphs over this insidious disease.

The Purpose of I Hate The C Word

“This is a journey into unchartered waters with a diagnosis of Stage IIIc Ovarian Cancer. From holistic to chemicals filling my body.  Can I do this?  Is there a better way?

“Please join me so we can educate other women and learn from each other.

With thousands of likes” this page has become a daily gathering spot for women to share their experiences.”

Going through C gives you an opportunity to see what you're made of.

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Women's Gynecological Cancer