Heather Hall


My name is Heather Hall. My story started in 2010. After being misdiagnosed by 8 doctors in 2 years, with the last one telling me that I had a beer belly and I needed to quit drinking, we moved to Tennessee. We moved from Michigan because my husband had lost his job and the economy just couldn’t provide for our family anymore.

Our move to Tennessee was July 10th 2010. I call this the move that saved my life. On July 17th I took myself into the emergency room thinking I had the stomach flu or something because I couldn’t stop throwing up. I went by myself because we didn’t want to take the kids and with us being in a new state with no family or friends we couldn’t very well get a baby sitter. So I went alone. As soon as I got there I got immediately hooked up to an IV because I was so dehydrated. Got some nausea meds and then the Doctor came in to examine me. He took one feel of my distended belly and sent me to X-ray , then CT, then ultrasound, and finally to vaginal ultrasound.

I was so scared. I get back to my little hospital room and the Doctor comes in with his team and says “Mrs. Hall, we believe you have cancer.”  I was so angry.  I couldn’t understand. They wanted to keep me and transport me to Nashville where I could be seen by an oncologist and then sent directly to surgery, but I made them discharge me. I needed to go home to my little family. Two days later I met with the oncologist and made plans for surgery. On July 23rd I had a total hysterectomy with debulking. I weighed 256 pounds when I went in for surgery and came out of surgery weighing 193!!! They removed 8 tumors and 6 liters of cancerous fluid from my abdomen. My biggest tumor was the size of a football.

On July 27th the reports came back and my awesome oncologist/surgeon, Doctor Numnum, said “Heather you have stage 3C Ovarian Cancer.”   He explained the stages and what everything meant and he said he needed to see me in a couple days in his office so we can talk about treatment options. He gave me a few sheets of paper to look over about ovarian cancer as well.  We decided to go radical and do IP chemo and attack it hard core. So I got my ports and we started.

I’ve had 17 surgeries with my 18th one being scheduled for January 7th 2015. Some of my surgeries included… Bowel resection (they removed over 2 feet), double mastectomy with reconstruction using the tram flap (metastasized to Breast), gallbladder removal (it was 2x the size and filled with infection) hernia surgeries, abscess surgeries, hematoma surgery, necrosis surgery, just to name a few of my major surgeries.  My next surgery on January 7th will be on my back.

Doctors say that the chemo deteriorated my spine and now I have 2 fractures and stenosis and spondylitis and severe deterioration and some other big words I can’t spell lol.  They will be putting rods and screws and removing the fractured part and filling it in with bone graft.  I’m pretty nervous about it. But I will get through it.  I’ve done some great things in the cancer community. Lots of fundraisers. I started my “Suckers for Survivors” Facebook page.  I make homemade suckers and use them to raise money to send cancer survivors to the National Women’s Survivors Convention. I was able to send 20 this past July.  I was also chosen to speak at this convention. It was pretty awesome.  I have joined in with Team Martina McBride as they put hands and feet to the song “I’m Gonna Love You Through It.”   If you haven’t heard that song, you should. Martina is the most loving and caring person I have ever met. I’ve been blessed to meet up with her on 4 different occasions. She loves her fans!!

Anyways, enough about me. Thanks for reading.  Any questions, feel free to find me on Facebook or email me.


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