Understanding Women’s Gynecological C’s

What Every Woman Should Know…

Ovarian cancer is a serious and under-recognized threat to women’s health.

  • Ovarian cancer kills more women than all the other gynecologic cancers combined.
  • Ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer death among women in the United States.
  • Ovarian cancer occurs in 1 in 57 women, up from 1 in 70 several years ago.
  • 14,500 women will die this year alone. More than 25,500 will be diagnosed.
  • Ovarian cancer is very treatable when caught early; the vast majority of cases are not diagnosed until too late.
  • When ovarian cancer is caught before it has spread outside the ovaries, 90+% will survive 5 years.
  • Only 24% of ovarian cancer is caught early.
  • When diagnosed after the disease has spread the chance of five-year survival drops to less than 25%.
  • A Pap test does NOT DETECT Ovarian Cancer

Women's Gynecological Cancer